Tennessee Immunization Requirements For Pre-School/Child Care and School


Tennessee Department of Health Rule Chapter 1200-14-1-.29


Tennessee Department of Health (TDOH) immunization requirements for child care, pre-school and school entry. The effective date of most changes is July 2010. Detailed official guidance, including the immunization schedule and the new Immunization Certificate, will be made available no later than April 1 online at http://twis.tn.gov or at the

TDOH website: http://health.state.tn.us/CEDS/required.htm


Children in Pre-School/Child Care Facilities (new requirements underlined):


Children entering Kindergarten (new requirements underlined):


Children entering 7th grade (new requirements underlined):


Children who are new enrollees in a TN school in grades other than K or 7th:


Age of Child

Number of Doses

2-3 months

1 DTP/DtaP/DT, 1 Polio, 1 Hib

4-5 months

2 DTP/DtaP/DT, 2 Polio, 2 Hib

6-11 months

3 DTP/DtaP/DT, 2 Polio, 3 Hib

12-15 months

4 Hib*, and 1 MMR given on or after the first birthday

12-18 months

4 DTP/DtaP/DT, 3 Polio, and 1 Varicella

4-6 years

4 or more DTP/DtaP/DT, 4 Polio, 4 Hib*, 1 Varicella, and 2 MMR given on or after the first birthday


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