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Stewart County School Medication Policy

No school official or teacher will routinely dispense medication to students except when medication is required during school hours and is necessary to provide the student success to the educational program.  Only medications that have been brought to the school by the parent/guardian will be dispensed except in emergency situations. The principal or the principal’s designee shall administer the medication in compliance with the following regulations:


Must be stored in a secure locked box, cabinet, or drawer or refrigerated in a secure area as designated by the principal;

1.      Must be brought to the school by a responsible adult; medications brought in “baggies” will not be given;

2.      Must be accompanied by written permission from the parent/guardian and must include home/work numbers for verification and/or clarification.

3.      All medications must be renewed at least annually.


1.      Epi-Pens:  Stored in cafeteria and clinic or with the student, if the student has a completed and signed Self Authorization Form.

2.      Inhalers:  May be kept in the clinic or with the student, if the student has a completed and signed Self Authorization Form.


1.      All prescription drugs given in school shall be prescribed by a licensed prescriber on an individual basis as determined by the child’s health status.  Orders shall include possible side effects.

2.      Prescription medication must be brought to the school in the original, pharmacy labeled container.  The container shall display:

a)      Child’s Name

b)      Prescription Number

c)      Medication Name and Dosage

d)      Administration route or Other Directions

e)      Date

f)       Licensed Prescriber’s Name

g)      Pharmacy Name, Address and Phone Number

3.      All prescriptions for long-term medications shall be renewed at least annually.

4.      Changes in prescription medication shall have written authorization from the licensed prescriber.



1.      Over the counter medications must be brought to school in new-unopened containers and labeled with student name and reason medication is needed.

2.      Over the counter medications shall be administered according to manufacturer’s recommendations on the label.

3.      Aspirin or aspirin containing products will not be administered at school without a physician’s order.

4.      Herbals and vitamins will not be administered at school without a physician’s order.


It shall be the responsibility of the parent to pick-up any remaining or unused medication at the end of the treatment regimen or the end of the school year.  Any prescription/medication remaining at school at the end of the school year shall be taken to the Stewart County Sheriff’s Office for disposal.


1.      Unlicensed personnel assisting with medication self-administration shall receive training to help assure safety.  Training shall be conducted by school health service personnel.

2.      Each dose of medication shall be documented.  Documentation shall include date, time, dosage, route, and signature of the person assisting the child in self-administration.

NOTE:  Student possession of any form of medication or substance purported to be a medication that has not been checked into the principal’s office or the clinic office is strictly forbidden and may be subject to disciplinary action.  The school system retains the right to reject requests for administering medication.  All medications in the Stewart County School System will be given in accordance with this guideline and in accordance with the guidelines approved by the Tennessee Board of Nursing in September 1995.  Any medication given must be documented on forms provided by School Health Services.


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